About Us

Our mission

Is to prepare at-risk Guatemalan children for the first-grade by establishing preschools (Centers for Stimulation, as they are sometimes called here) and training preschool and first-grade teachers.

Our vission

Is to help break the cycle of poverty in Guatemala by reducing the high rate of drop-out and repetition of children in the first-grade.

Our goal

Is to have none of our students fail the first grade.

Fred Zambroski

Executive Director

Fred Sambroski

As the director, I run all of the programs, do all the planning, take the pictures and make the movies. I live in Guatemala, returning to the United States occasionally to visit with my family of a son, daughter and three grandchildren. I have been a long-term volunteer at Common Hope for four years and have started all of the programs mentioned here on this site.

I funded Lets Be Ready myself up until September of 2008, when I began to look for additional funding to expand the programs. I love the work and plan to stay as long as the programs are helping the most needy in Guatemala and the local people are supportive of my work.

Our Team

Mercedes Morales

Mercedes Morales

Work in Antigua Guatemala

Sofia García

Sofia García

Operations Manager

Analise Luna

Teacher at Alotenango

Sara Tun

Teacher at Santo Domingo Xenacoj

Lidia Regina

Teacher Aldea El Rosario de Xenacoj

Dina Anabela

Teacher Pacoj, San Martin