Aula Mágica

A non-profit social organization, which supports rural communities in need of pre-school education in Guatemala. Beginning its work since 2013, founded by the American gentlemen Nancy and Fred Zambroski, who firmly believe in education as a basis for a good development of Guatemalan children and that all children have the right to attend a preschool.

Currently we have a total of 22 Aulas Mágicas (Magical Classrooms), distributed in different communities, in the departments of Retalhuleu, Huehuetenango and Sololá.


Provide high quality, innovative pre-primary education tailored to your needs and designed for the needy and underserved rural communities of Guatemala.


Successful children in their first year of primary and is their future.

Corner Aula Mágica

For whom we work

For children of 4, 5, 6 years, living in rural areas. The fact that these communities are so remote, are abandoned, leaving these communities and their inhabitants to live at a continuous educational disadvantage. The Magic Classroom helps overcome geographic isolation and lack of educational resources by providing young leaders with the tools they need to ensure that children receive a decent education in their communities that will help them succeed in the first grade and in the future.

In other cases if there is a public school, but because of lack of financial resources of the parents, they are forced to leave the children at home.


Our team of Guatemalan educators and support from foreign friends, we work with the curriculum that is based on the model of The Creative Curriculum of the United States, but also has innovative pedagogical techniques to reinforce the subjects learned in a fun and Interactive.

Our instructors, or facilitators as we like to call them, receive a variety of books to read to their children daily, using creative and innovative reading techniques learned during the previous training. Reading children increases their imagination and expressive abilities, introducing them to new worlds and concepts.

Reading to our students from an early age makes it possible to have a tremendous positive impact on their cognitive development, and also to instill in them the habit of daily reading, something that is needed in Guatemalan culture.

We have also developed an original activity book to use together with reading each day to reinforce the themes and values of the respective books. In addition to the daily reading component our program also employs a series of original and entertaining audio programs, in which we talk about important and interesting topics during the week. They listen to the audio programs in parts during the course of the week, ensuring that the children understand the themes and plot of the story.

Metodolgía Aula Mágica

Implementing technology

Each audio program focuses on a different educational theme, as detailed in the national curriculum of Guatemala (CNB) and also talks about values and other important concepts, narrated by a family of talented actors, audio programs help Students to use their imagination.

We implemented the technology using Tablet and bluetooth speakers to improve the program without having to print guides, assessments and other important documents that will make teaching easier for the facilitator.

Class schedule

In order to have a program and a successful learning environment, a minimum of 10 children and a maximum of 15 children, with a duration of two hours a day, from Monday to Friday, the age of the children is from 4, 5 and 6 years. In advance we give the facilitators a 40-week schedule, compared to the education of a traditional school year.

In exchange for the service provided to their community, the facilitators receive an economic incentive of 125 quetzales per week to be used for the follow-up of their personal education, to give these young people the opportunity to continue their professional and educational development, we have the possibility Of positively influencing the forecast of both the current and future generations.

Help and continuous monitoring

Aula Magica provides the following per facilitator:
  • Intense training
  • 10 books for children
  • 1 electronic tablet
  • 1 wireless Bluetooth speaker
  • Essential didactic material (scissors, crayons, rubber, etc.)
  • Economic incentive

Important to mention, in our program we work a very high percentage with recyclable material, for our work in the class. With this we help parents to spend financially and collaborate with the environment.

To achieve a successful program in the communities where we work, we do the following:
  • 3 field visits, minimum
  • Continuous telephone support
  • During the first and last field visit, our program coordinator analyzes the children's vocabulary to make a "before and after" comparison to measure the impact of the program.
  • Monitoring and final evaluation