Aula Mágica

Aula Mágica (Magic Classroom) is a stand-alone initiative of Let’s Be Ready adapted to cater to the needs and challenges of rural Guatemala. We are a non-profit social organization that supports rural communities in need of preschool education in Guatemala. Our programs serve children aged 4-6 years old living in rural areas.

Our Story

The initiative to start Aula Mágica arose from the great need that exists in the rural communities of Guatemala. Often, these communities are so remote that they become marginalized, leaving their inhabitants at a continuous educational disadvantage.

Countless studies have proven that early learning is essential for future cognitive development and potential. Considering the circumstances, many of our children are at a great disadvantage when entering elementary school and are at high risk of missing out on first grade.

Around 60% of Guatemalan children fail to complete primary school. For indigenous children who do not speak Spanish as their first language, the rate is even higher. At least 30% of children miss first grade or drop out after repeating several times, gravely limiting their future opportunities and development.

We strive for positive change, and we need your help!

Our Necessities

Products we need Aula Mágica Guatemala

Why Donate?

Every dollar given will directly benefit our educational programs. Your contributions are crucial to the prosperity of the children and faculty of our Aula Mágica communities. With your help, we hope to expand our program to further communities throughout Guatemala.

Donations are available through the following platforms:

*DonorSee offers a discounted fee if you use the link that they provide for our donors. The fee is 2.9%

*PayPal offers a discounted fee for charities of 1.99% + 49¢ per transaction.

*Global Giving has 15% deducted from each donation, but has quarterly updates delivered to your mailbox

Updates From Us

  • We finished our school year! – 2023

    We finished our school year! – 2023

    Our school year concluded in October, and we couldn’t be happier to have contributed to the preschool education of all our children. This academic year was filled with many experiences and fond memories. Each facilitator conveyed their passion and dedication to teaching, and we believe that will yield significant results in our children’s lives. To…

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  • Planting trees, planting magic 2023

    Planting trees, planting magic 2023

    We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of our project, “Planting Trees, Planting Magic.” This ambitious undertaking aimed to empower every child in our program to plant two trees, contributing to reforestation efforts in the surrounding areas. We are delighted to report that in 2023, we successfully planted a total of 250 trees across…

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  • Second Training from 2023!

    Second Training from 2023!

    During 2023, we have conducted two training sessions for our facilitators. These moments are very significant for us as they allow us to engage with all members of our educational community and learn from them! One of the main objectives of these training sessions is to update the teaching methods of our facilitators. We offer…

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Help Us Expand!

Our model of preschool prepares rural children for success in primary school. We utilize local youth as teachers providing them with the necessary curriculum, materials, and training. The community provides a space for them to meet with small groups of children for 2-3 hours a day. 8 out of 10 children who go through our program, go on to complete primary school. The model has proven effective for over a decade, first in our legacy program and now more recently in our Aula Mágica program tailored for the most rural areas. Now we want to expand to the entire country of Guatemala.  

When Aula Mágica was started, GoPhilanthropic invested in administrative costs to build the program. The rest of our financial aid comes from organizations that pay the direct costs to support our faculty, families, and children in specific communities. Now, we are looking for organizations and individuals who are able to help us achieve our goal of expanding the program throughout the more rural areas of the country. Help be part of the change!

Donate Today!

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