Our plans for 2020, and a successful 2020 to everyone!

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Here at Aula Magica we have been very busy preparing for the beginning of 2020 academic year. With more than 30 Facilitators coming from different communities. The classes will commence once again in our classrooms and we are really excited to be with our students once again!

Each year offering our program is a considerable challenge which has led us to think a great deal about what we do and to find the best strategies in order to benefit our pre-school children and families who have a great need. They live in remote communities and are often isolated and suffer from limited services and support.

In the last few years we have received committed support from various marvellous organizations who believe in and share our mission:  Miracles in Action, Go Philanthropic, Mathile Institue, Project Quetzal, MAIA, Adesju, as well as others.

One of the strategies for these upcoming months is to collaborate with as many organizations who share similar aims to ours, which will allow us to expand our work to other areas and regions of the country where we are not currently working. This will allow us to have a larger positive impact in each program that we offer.

Collaborating with other organisations will allow us to reach out to more communities with needs in areas of health and pre-school education. We are really hopeful that various organizations join with us so that we can work towards the same objective.

We are very proud to have an excellent program focusing on high quality pre-school education in rural communities. We also have our Mothers’ Groups for each classroom. They meet regularly and they are our source of strength. Each Facilitator with the support of the Regional Coordinator cover themes such as: early learning, hygiene and nutrition, which are vital topics for every home. There exists a great amount of trust amongst everyone involved which is essential for the success of this program.

We look forward to keeping you updated with the progress of our program throughout the year.

Best wishes and until the next time!

Aula Mágica Guatemala!

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