Pequeños Pero Listos

Let’s Be Ready is an organization with a focus on kindergarten and preschool development. We work in 23 communities with 29 different classes in areas where there is either no preprimary education available or available classes are overcrowded (ex. 45 kids in one kindergarten class).

Interest in education

We look for communities who have an interest in preprimary education and teachers who are from the communities who have a passion for that age group.

All of our teachers are certified and we work closely with the public school administration, community, and parents to develop the program. The community must provide the space for the classes, which is either a classroom in the public school, a community space or part of someone’s home.

Educational system

Most of our teachers are recent graduates. They participate large group training twice a year to learn teaching techniques not typically taught in the Guatemalan education system. We work primarily with the national curriculum of Guatemala, the Creative Curriculum (often used in Headstart programs in the states).

Fred Zambroski, is the founder and primary fundraiser. Sara Tun Bacajol, from Guatemala, is the director. Jessica, coordinate volunteers, work with the teachers in the Antigua area and do speech therapy with the kids in our schools. We have 24 teachers all from Guatemala.


The program is run completely on donations. Each school has a sponsor, often an individual or community group. Costs for one session are $1500 for the year and two sessions are $3000 this predominantly covers a monthly donation to the teacher. Teachers receive a raise in donation for each year of experience. Any additional monies are used to purchase supplies in Guatemala. Fred covers all of the administrative costs at this time. We work with an organization called World Link Partners, who has 501-3c status in the states. Their link is found on our website.

We also receive donations of materials. We do not have a consistent way to ship donations and try to coordinate with friends of the program who are visiting to bring donations in their suitcases. The items that are most difficult for us to find in good condition at reasonable prices here in Guatemala are: books in Spanish, puzzles, blocks of any shape or size, dramatic play items (for constructions, doctors, kitchen, etc.), and scientific investigation tools (magnifying glass, magnets).

We are also interested in having preschool/elementary teachers who have some Spanish who are interesting in spending time working with our teachers helping to develop their teaching skills.


If you would like to help this program, please check the following links:

*Global Giving has 15% deducted from each donation, but has quarterly updates delivered to your mailbox

*PayPal offers a discounted fee for charities of 1.99% + 49¢ per transaction.

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