PPL school year completion

Date: December 16, 2019 | Autor: Pequeños Pero Listos | Tags:

Santo Domingo Xenacoj, Sacatepéquez

Teacher: Gloria Angélica Tun Bacajol

In this year 2019 the classes have finished in the school Pequeños Pero Listos from Santo Domingo Xenacoj Sacatepéquez, fourteen students finish successfully, an activity was carried out with fathers and mothers in a community hall with a civic part, delivery of diplomas and cultural activities. Parentsparticipated actively showing joy and enthusiasm for the satisfaction of seeing their sons and daughters reaching one more stage of his life.

Los Izotes Pamanzana, Xenacoj, Sacatepéquez

Teacher: Claudia Martina Saban Chocoyo

Seven children finish this school year, they were all 1 year in the program, they already know how to read and write, they are prepared to go to the first grade of primary school next year.

Nuevo Amanecer en Tecpán Chimaltenango

Teacher: Brenda Klarizza Sut Sanic

It is a small school and we conducted it together with the primary school girls, it was a great joy since the parents of the girls were able to collaborate in the realization of the activity, both in the ornaments and in the small snack , we also have the support of the school principal.

We were pleased to carry out the civic part, the delivery of diplomas and delivery of a small gift to parents for their collaboration and understanding throughout the year. After the activity we took some souvenir photographs, and finally a small snack

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