Today’s EFFORT is tomorrow’s SUCCESS

Date: October 6, 2021 | Autor: Pequeños Pero Listos | Tags:

“Thanks to FRED, our Sponsor, our director, and advisor….

Like every story, everything has a beginning and an end. For this community, our program has ended this month. Satisfyingly we say goodbye to our children and to the mothers who trusted us by taking their children to classes for years and to those who continued with us in time of Pandemic. We are also very grateful for every sponsor who supported this community.

Thank you for trusting in our work and in us as teachers. The happiness is immense because we know that we gave 100% of ourselves so that our children could have meaningful learning. We also try to encourage them every day so that they can be the change in their community, knowing they are capable of big impacts. For this and many things more, we know that these children will carry us in their hearts as we will carry them.

We have so many memories together since 2009 when another colleague started the program in this community, Fred will remember Professor “Walter Andres Garcia” who was a pioneer in San Antonio. As the years went by, generations of children finished preschool and entered elementary school. It has been exactly 12 years that Let’s be Ready has supported this community.

For me, Lilian Betzabe Saban Tun, who worked for 4 years in this community, it is sad to leave them in this learning process 2021; but I am happy because I know that they will manage to finish the year, and will pass to first grade. We learned together, we had smiles, cries, screams, and many emotions inside our classroom.

The Let’s be Ready program has definitely left “SIGNIFICANT” footprints in this community. To all of you who contribute, feel satisfied with all the work done in “San Antonio”; together, in different ways we have contributed something to these children.

We are very happy as a program because now this community has the place from the Ministry of Education to cover preschool. Therefore, the children will continue to learn and adapt to their new teachers. It was 12 years of waiting for the Ministry of Education to send their teachers; meanwhile, for Let’s be Ready it was a pleasure to be able to be there all this time supporting and providing the teaching process to the little ones. We are deeply grateful to all those who gave us their support, it was a pleasure to be agents of change in this community”.

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