Aula Mágica: Creating Magic and Smiles in 2024!

Date: June 8, 2024 | Autor: Cristina Díaz | Tags:


At Aula Mágica, we are constantly striving to create magic that brings smiles and wonderful moments everywhere! And 2024 is no exception! Throughout these months, we have been working diligently to ensure that our children in Quiché, Sololá, Huehuetenango, and Santa Rosa have everything they need to succeed in their early years of schooling.

This year, we are focusing on three main areas:

1. Pedagogical Innovation

When we talk about pedagogical innovation, we mean interactivity, curiosity, and creativity. At the preschool age, children are incredibly curious about everything! Our goal is not to dampen this curiosity but to nurture and expand it. Our greatest wish is for our children to dream big and embrace their creativity.

To achieve this, we conduct two major training sessions each year where our facilitators learn how to implement methodologies focused on the preschool child’s age. This stage isn’t just about memorizing letters and numbers but about fostering a love for learning in the child.

Additionally, this is a crucial period for the child’s socialization, so our facilitators promote a space for positive interaction and communication for each child. Together, we are one big family!

2. Adaptability and Resilience

Our organization is spread across various rural areas of Guatemala, each with its unique context. This means we’ve had to adapt to different circumstances and conditions, both internal and external (who could forget the COVID-19 pandemic?). Despite the challenges, we have overcome each obstacle by focusing on our mission to provide education to every child in our schools.

3. Community Support

We aim to ensure our projects are aligned with the community in which they are implemented. In the contexts where we work, the cultural sense of the community is essential! This is why we have projects that address specific needs, such as malnutrition, through our Nutrition Program.

We also have our project “Planting Trees, Planting Magic,” through which we strive to do our best to reforest community forests.


By working together, we have achieved remarkable results, including:

  • – We provide educational materials.
  • – We work 12 months of the year.
  • – Variety of children’s books.
  • – Classes from January to October, Monday to Friday.
  • – Vacation school from November to December.
  • – Methodology adapted to the community.
  • – Direct and personalized attention.
  • – Inclusion in our Classrooms.
  • – And more!

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