Planting trees, planting magic 2022!

Date: December 5, 2022 | Autor: Aula Mágica | Tags:

That’s correct! We managed to continue enjoying this beautiful event we started in 2021. This year, each of our children from Sololá, Huehuetenango, Santa Rosa, and Quiché planted two trees .

Did you know that Guatemala has lost almost a quarter of its forests in the last 20 years? This problem concerns us all, and we know it is essential to raise awareness among new generations to improve both the future and the present. For this reason, last September, we once again carried out this wonderful activity with all our children: we planted more than 400 trees! 

With this activity, we teach our children to respect and take care of nature so they can experience the magic of planting a tree and taking care of it. We also teach them that trees produce oxygen, purify the air, form fertile soils, prevent erosion, keep rivers clean, serve as shelters for wildlife, regenerate soil nutrients, and many other benefits for our planet!

We carried out this activity with the support of local authorities, individuals that support reforestation, and The Ripple Effect Inc. project. They donated trees and also provided transportation to the different communities. Thanks to all of them!

We know that planting a tree is a way to give life and build the future. Trees are living beings that are born and grow to provide environmental benefits that allow the development of life in all its forms. If you want to be part of this wonderful activity for next year, 2023, please contact us from our social networks on Instagram or Facebook, and we will tell you how you can support us!

Thank you all for always looking out for us!

Magical Classroom Guatemala 

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